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Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Manhattan, NY

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What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a preventative treatment that are a thin plastic material applied to the top of the tooth (the chewing surface). Sealants are commonly applied to the back teeth, both molars and premolars, to prevent future tooth decay and cavities. If needed, general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Victoria Veytsman, offers her patients sealant treatments at her Midtown Manhattan office to further protect the teeth from plaque, tartar, and future oral diseases. Sealants are easily applied to the teeth during a dental appointment and last several years if the patient follows a good home oral care routine, including brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.

What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Sealants?

Our Manhattan, NY patients often show interest in dental sealants for a number of benefits, including:

  • Protection against the vast majority of cavities
  • Care that prevents the progression of more major diseases or debilitation
  • Rapid bond to the tooth that provides immediate protection from decay
  • Shield from bacteria and other detrimental materials on the tooth surface

Who Is A Good Candidate for Dental Sealants?

Young people between the ages of 6 – 12 are at increased risk for decay on the occlusive surfaces of their molars and premolars and, therefore, are the most common candidates to receive dental sealants. However, teens and adults might also be eligible for sealants, including individuals who have difficulty sticking to optimal oral hygiene routines or who have a history of tooth decay. At Cosmetic Dental Studios, receiving dental sealants is a fast, routine treatment that typically requires no sedation. Schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience so a professional on our dental team can speak with you to determine if you or your child might benefit from this easy and reliable service.

What to Expect when getting Dental Sealants

Sealant is a fairly easy procedure that involves plastic resin being painted on the premolars or molars, where it bonds to the tooth and hardens. The sealant fills in and fits into the grooves of the teeth, creating a comfortable, protective barrier. As a preventative method to prevent decay or even tooth loss, sealants work to maintain the health of the tooth for years. Dr. Veytsman will determine if sealant is a good option for each patient during their consultation and if needed, will schedule a procedure date. Once the sealant has hardened on the tooth, the patient can continue with their regular routine.

What happens during REcovery From Dental Sealants?

Patients can anticipate returning to their regular routines immediately following the procedure. Dr. Veytsman will provide them with any special instructions before they leave our office. To ensure optimal oral health, patients should maintain a regular oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice a day, using mouthwash, and flossing. It is also recommended that patients continue to schedule annual examinations and bi-annual teeth cleanings.

How Much Do Dental Sealants Cost?

The cost of sealants vary among practices. Our front office will talk to the patient’s insurance company to determine if this treatment is fully or partially covered. For patients paying out of packet, payment plans and options will be reviewed by Dr. Veytsman during the patient’s consultation.

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Dental Sealants FAQs

Does getting dental sealants hurt?

Not at all. The sealant material is simply brushed onto your teeth, making the procedure completely pain-free.

Are dental sealants bad for you?

When some people hear that dental sealants contain trace amounts of BPA (bisphenol acid), they may wonder about it being absorbed by the body. However, the amount of BPA in dental sealants is so small as to be almost negligible, making the benefits of dental sealants far outweigh any possible risk posed.

How long do dental sealants last?

Most patients can expect their dental sealants to last about 5 – 9 years. They can fall off, but a regular dental checkup at Cosmetic Dental Studios can help prolong the life of your dental sealants.

Is getting dental sealants worth it?

If preventing cavities and tooth decay to have healthier teeth is worth it to you, then the answer is definitely yes.

Can adults get dental sealants?

Yes, they can. While it is more common for dental sealants to be placed on the teeth of children and teens, adults can also benefit from the tooth protection dental sealants offer.

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Prevent Cavities with Sealants

Protecting your teeth from cavities, decay, and disease is our main priority. If you believe that sealants might be the best treatment option to fulfill your dental hygiene needs, contact our Manhattan office immediately to schedule your consultation with Dr. Veytsman. 

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