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About Smile Design

Everyone's idea of beautiful is different, so how do you know that you and your dentist are imagining the same results for your smile makeover? Cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman at Cosmetic Dental Studios in Midtown East Manhattan now offers Smile Design (DSD) to help patients' visualize and design their smile makeover based on their concerns, goals, and budget. Using DSD, Dr. Veytsman and her patients can design a smile makeover based on the patient's whole face (eyes, cheeks, nose) to fit the patient when they smile, laugh, talk, and more. Dr. Veytsman and the patient can go through simulated results of different options and combinations of treatments until their perfect smile is designed. The DSD allows patients to see not only their potential results, but to understand the steps in their treatment. Schedule a smile makeover consultation with Smile Design to see your smile's full potential.

What Are the Benefits Of Smile Design?

Smile Design is the perfect solution to "try before you buy" when considering any type of cosmetic or restorative dental procedure. The major obvious benefit is letting you see what your results could be after Dr. Veytsman completes your procedure, but Smile Design can also help you:

  • Understand each step in the treatment procedure
  • Have realistic expectations of your results
  • Choose the right procedure for your needs, goals, and budget

Am I A Candidate For Smile Design?

Anyone who is considering a dental procedure is a perfect candidate for smile design. Whether you're interested in a cosmetic procedure like porcelain veneers, a corrective procedure like Invisalign® orthodontics, or a restorative procedure like dental implants, smile design can help you try on your new look before you make your final decision.

What to Expect With Smile Design

Using a video camera, a team member will capture the patient's image, personality, and movement (smiling, laughing, talking, etc.). These images will be uploaded into the Smile Design system where both the dentist and patient can see the potential results of different treatments. DSD uses advanced technology to show patients what they can and can't change so they have realistic expectations for their smile makeover.

Smile Design Aftercare

Once the patient and dentist have created their unique smile makeover plan with Smile Design, an appointment or appointments can be made for treatments. Depending on the services being performed, the patient may be able to have their smile makeover in one appointment or over the course of several months.

Smile Design FAQ

Is a smile design procedure painful or uncomfortable?

Not at all. The intra-oral camera used to create the personalized 3-D model of your teeth, mouth, and face is easy to use and only has to go far enough into your mouth to get a complete image.

How long does a smile design take?

Smile designs can typically be finished in about 30 – 45 minutes or less.

How much does smile design cost?

The smile design treatment plan helps patients with an estimate of their costs, which allows them to make choices for their budget. During the DSD consultation, patients can also learn about payment options and CareCredit® medical financing to help make dental treatments affordable.

Is smile design covered by insurance?

Unfortunately no. Smile design is a purely cosmetic procedure, which qualifies it as an elective treatment. While this may make it harder to afford, we can work with our patients to create a treatment and financing plan that fits within their budget.


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Plan Your Perfect Smile

Don't guess what you want your smile to look like, use Smile Design to see your potential results and create your custom smile makeover plan with Dr. Veytsman. DSD allows you and your dentist to be on the same page before your treatment begins and you'll know what to expect. Schedule a consultation to get your personalized smile makeover with Smile Design.

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