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Dr. Victoria Veytsman always appreciates feedback from her valued patients, since this helps Cosmetic Dental Studios learn and grow with our patients' needs. In addition to helping us become a better dental practice, patient reviews from our Manhattan, NY location can help new patients learn more about our people, our procedures, and our style. It can be scary enough for some people to go to any dentist, so we want our new patients to feel comfortable trusting Dr. Veytsman and her experienced staff with their smile at our Midtown East Manhattan office. We're compiled reviews for Cosmetic Dental Studios from all across the web for our patients, new and old, who want real stories from real patients.

Reviews for Dr. Victoria Veytsman Dental Examination Services in Beverly Hills, CA

0.0 Review from MT Source: Office Visit Sep 01 2018

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I usually dread the dentist, but have been wanting to get my done for a very long time. I've been to a couple different dentists within the city but was never overly impressed by any of them. From the moment I walked in the door I felt like I was being treated like royalty. Dr. V's assistant is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable and taken care of. Dr. V isn't the kind of dentist that comes in, does what she needs to do and disappears; she really takes her time to explain everything and you can tell she is genuinely a nice/caring person; not to mention she is incredibly thorough, which everyone wants in a dentist. Her assistant made sure I knew she was next to me during the whole procedure, they played music, offered a blanket, the whole nine yards of royal treatment. Not to mention, my teeth look absolutely amazing and I can't stop showing them off. I can tell you that after this experience, I'm never going to another dentist in NYC again except for Dr. V. I'm actually excited to go back. If you have a dentist in NYC other than Dr. V I strongly suggest you try her, you will never go to anyone else again. She really is THAT impressive; take it from someone who has worked in doctor's offices."

5.0 Review from CA Source: Office Visit Jun 21 2018

"Great Doctor – Dr. Veytsman is absolutely superb. Not only as a dentist but as a person. Tremendous integrity as a prefessional. Excellent..Excellent. There is always a sense of uncertainty when starting a new relationship with a new doctor..I felt a sense of security from the very first moment I met her. She is wonderful..Cisco Alvarez"

5.0 Review from SA Source: Other Feb 19 2011

"I've never had a better dentist than Dr. Veytsman...period. It's hard to find a good dentist, let alone to find one in the city. Whenever I arrive to the office I'm always asked if I want anything to drink and I'm always seen promptly by Dr. V. The one time where I did wait a little bit longer to be seen, she was sweet enough to give me a gift card to Starbucks for the inconvenience. It really wasn't an inconvenience (I might have waited 10 minutes) and it's just unnecessary little things that puts this practice ahead of others. When you enter in the examination room they give you bottled Fiji water and a headrest to make things more comfortable. I found this level of pampering amazing and on top of that, they hook you up with a hot towel on the face after they are done with the appointment. Dr. V works with her assistant Nia and the two of them are two of the nicest and personable people I've ever come across in the dental/medical field. They explain exactly what they are going to do and make a dentist visit as pleasurable as possible. It's nice to actually have non-generic conversations for a change at the dentist office and I always look forward to seeing them whenever I need to make an appointment. I would also like to point out that Dr. V is very accessible in terms of booking appointments online or even if you have a concern you can shoot a quick email directly to her. So stop searching for a dentist and book an appointment with her. Tell her that Steve (the kid that is always dressed on point) finally yelped about her practice."
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