When Should You Get A Dental Bridal Makeover Before Your Wedding Day?

By: Dr. Victoria Veytsman


You'll be doing a lot of smiling on your wedding day and looking back on your photos for years to come. But getting the perfect bridal look takes time and planning. At Cosmetic Dental Studios in New York City, NY, top celebrity dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman can help you plan a dental bridal makeover that gives you the most dazzling smile possible.

Whether you want to straighten your teeth or brighten them up, keep reading to learn more about when you should start planning your smile makeover.

Planning a dental bridal makeover

There's a lot to think about in the months leading up to your wedding, but it's important to remember that getting the perfect smile takes time to achieve. That's why it's crucial to think about your aesthetic goals and make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Veytsman to start discussing your game plan.

If you have good oral health, you may want to look into cosmetic procedures to whiten stained or dull teeth, or repair and straighten any uneven or chipped teeth. However, some patients need to address tooth decay or gum disease first and schedule restorative treatments as well.

Your dental bridal makeover at Cosmetic Dental Studios will start with a discussion of what's possible within your time frame. Using 3D imaging, Dr. Veytsman will also be able to show you how the procedures you are considering will impact your smile along the way. That's crucial for all the events that come between your engagement and wedding, such as bridal showers.

What does a bridal dental makeover include?

Once you and Dr. Veytsman agree on a plan, you can begin to schedule your dental procedures. A bridal makeover may include:

  • Bridges

  • Bonding and contouring

  • Crowns

  • Dental implants

  • Dentures

  • Gum contouring

  • Invisalign® orthodontic treatment

  • Orthodontic services to straighten teeth

  • Porcelain veneers

  • Replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings

  • Teeth whitening

When should I start planning my bridal makeover?

Planning your dental makeover early will ensure that you have time to heal from all of your procedures before your big day. A consultation with Dr. Veytsman 6 – 12 months before your wedding is advisable, especially if you need multiple restorative treatments. And if you plan on getting dental crowns or veneers, you'll want some time to get accustomed to your beautiful new smile.

Even if you're happy with your smile and simply need a teeth whitening treatment, getting an appointment on the books in advance will help you check one more thing off your to-do list.

Patients in need of more significant realignment of teeth or who may need procedures such as bone grafting to prepare for tooth implants should not rule out a bridal dental makeover. The sooner you contact Dr. Veytsman, the more likely you will be able to fit in all of your treatments and healing time before your wedding day.

Get a bridal dental makeover in New York City

If you're planning a wedding and looking to boost your confidence so you can smile with ease and confidence on your big day, now's the time to consider a comprehensive and customized dental makeover.

It's never too early to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top celebrity dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman at Cosmetic Dental Studios NYC in New York City, NY.

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