Ways to Keep Your Invisalign® Aligners in Good Condition

By: Dr. Victoria Veytsman


If you wear Invisalign® aligners to straighten your teeth, you know they are an investment, and you want to keep them in good condition. Although Invisalign aligners are barely noticeable when worn, you still want to maintain their appearance and keep them looking good.

Top celebrity dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman offers cosmetic dentistry services at Cosmetic Dental Studios in NYC. She provides Invisalign aligners for her patients to give them a dazzling smile and avoid wearing unsightly old-fashioned metal braces while their teeth move into their correct positions.

Care of Invisalign aligners

You’ll want to take care of your oral health and your Invisalign aligners. Keeping your Invisalign aligners in good condition is not difficult.

Follow the tips below to keep them looking and functioning great:

  • Clean your aligners regularly

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners on your aligners

  • Regularly remove your aligners and rinse them to remove any food or debris buildup on their surfaces

  • Soak your aligners every day

  • Avoid eating with your aligners on your teeth

All about Invisalign treatment

Invisalign aligners can straighten your teeth and improve your smile. As you wear the aligners, your teeth will slowly move into a proper position to provide you with a beautiful smile. When wearing Invisalign aligners, you do not have to worry about interrupting your sleeping habits, eating, or oral hygiene.

Celebrity dentist Dr. Veytsman at Cosmetic Dental Studios in New York City, NY offers Invisalign treatment to correct a crooked smile, realign poorly aligned teeth, and create room in a crowded mouth. After diligently wearing and caring for Invisalign aligners, you can have a dazzling smile.

Benefits of Invisalign aligners include:

  • Virtually invisible

  • Comfortable

  • Easily removed

  • Requires very few dental appointments to maintain

  • Helps create good oral hygiene

  • Easy to clean

  • Requires extraordinarily little maintenance

Are you a viable candidate for Invisalign aligners?

Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, Invisalign aligners can give you a beautiful smile. Invisalign aligners can treat a wide array of dental conditions, such as the following:

  • Gapped teeth

  • Overbite

  • Underbite

  • Crooked teeth

  • Overcrowding

Invisalign treatment might not be ideal if you have an extreme overbite or underbite, bone problems or severe misalignments.

With cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Veytsman will fit the patient’s teeth with Invisalign aligners. She will outline how to care for the clear, plastic aligners, which are fully customizable. Each aligner is fit for your mouth to efficiently move your teeth into position. You’ll wear the aligners for a specific amount of time and then swap out the aligners for the next one. Invisalign aligners cause almost no discomfort and are easy to remove when flossing, brushing, or eating.

Dr. Veytsman will examine your teeth to determine how long you’ll need to use the Invisalign aligners to effectively move your teeth into position. Every two weeks, new aligners are used to adjust your teeth. You’ll need to schedule regular checkups with Dr. Veytsman at Cosmetic Dental Studios in New York City to ensure that your teeth are moving and making progress. In most situations, it takes from 1 – 2 years for Invisalign treatment to work and move your teeth into the proper position.

Schedule an Invisalign treatment consultation in New York City, NY

To learn if Invisalign aligners are right for you and how to properly care for the aligners, we encourage you to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Victoria Veytsman today. Dr. Veytsman and her team at Cosmetic Dental Studios in York City will examine your needs and determine if Invisalign aligners are the right choice for your particular needs.

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