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Dr. Victoria Veytsman always appreciates feedback from her valued patients, since this helps Cosmetic Dental Studios learn and grow with our patients' needs. In addition to helping us become a better dental practice, patient reviews from our Manhattan, NY location can help new patients learn more about our people, our procedures, and our style. It can be scary enough for some people to go to any dentist, so we want our new patients to feel comfortable trusting Dr. Veytsman and her experienced staff with their smile at our Midtown East Manhattan office. We're compiled reviews for Cosmetic Dental Studios from all across the web for our patients, new and old, who want real stories from real patients.

Reviews for Restorative Dentistry Services Near New York, NY

5.0 Review from Z.P. Source: Google Apr 10 2024

"Bespoke dental care in NYC. Very personalized treatment plans. I highly recommend her work. I had some fillings replaced a few years ago by Dr. Veytsman, and everything was painless and went well. The office staff is very warm and welcoming. It's a bit more expensive than other dentists, but you get what you pay for. This is a much more luxurious experience than other dentist's offices. It's definitely worth the cost."

0.0 Review from MT Source: Office Visit Sep 01 2018

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I usually dread the dentist, but have been wanting to get my done for a very long time. I've been to a couple different dentists within the city but was never overly impressed by any of them. From the moment I walked in the door I felt like I was being treated like royalty. Dr. V's assistant is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable and taken care of. Dr. V isn't the kind of dentist that comes in, does what she needs to do and disappears; she really takes her time to explain everything and you can tell she is genuinely a nice/caring person; not to mention she is incredibly thorough, which everyone wants in a dentist. Her assistant made sure I knew she was next to me during the whole procedure, they played music, offered a blanket, the whole nine yards of royal treatment. Not to mention, my teeth look absolutely amazing and I can't stop showing them off. I can tell you that after this experience, I'm never going to another dentist in NYC again except for Dr. V. I'm actually excited to go back. If you have a dentist in NYC other than Dr. V I strongly suggest you try her, you will never go to anyone else again. She really is THAT impressive; take it from someone who has worked in doctor's offices."

5.0 Review from KK Source: Office Visit Aug 17 2018

"I am very apprehensive when it comes to dentist appointments but my experience with Dr. Veytsman and her assistant made my visit truly pleasant. My friend recommended her to me, as did a friend to her, and now I too recommend Dr. Veytsman. I think the most important aspect of Dr. Veytsman's care is that you are catered to as an individual and not as a dollar sign. This is a person that loves her job and the people she work with, maintaining that human touch that is so rare nowadays."

5.0 Review from EP Source: Office Visit Jul 11 2018

"Love Her and She Made My Teeth Look Like a Movie Star! – Dr Veytsman has been my dentist for a few years now and I couldn't be happier. I get compliments on my teeth all the time. I see her for both cleanings and cosmetic dental work and she's stellar at both. I work on camera and need my teeth to look great all the time. Choosing a good dentist is very important to me and I'm so glad I found Dr. Veytsman. I would also like to add that she's such a nice person and wonderful to be around. I really hate having dental work done but I love visiting Dr. Veytsman. She really makes the experience so much more enjoyable with her warm personality. She's a talented dentist and a cool lady. I'm thrilled that I found her."

5.0 Review from CA Source: Office Visit Jun 21 2018

"Great Doctor – Dr. Veytsman is absolutely superb. Not only as a dentist but as a person. Tremendous integrity as a prefessional. Excellent..Excellent. There is always a sense of uncertainty when starting a new relationship with a new doctor..I felt a sense of security from the very first moment I met her. She is wonderful..Cisco Alvarez"

5.0 Review from MO Source: Office Visit Sep 02 2017

"Absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish. I had a lot of fear issues before I came here and that all just melted away. I'm super pleased and grateful for everything."

5.0 Review from G.B. Source: Office Visit Aug 17 2017

"Excellent excellent excellent. They get my highest recommendation. From someone who has never enjoyed going to the dentist this has changed everything for me. I hadn't been in years and had tons of cavities and needed a good cleaning. I eventually got all that done ended up getting veneers on a few really broken down teeth. Wish I had found them sooner. Aside from the work I had done the doctor and the assistant handle everything with such a great bedside manner, respect, humor and grace that it became a pleasure to come in."

5.0 Review from IS Source: Office Visit Apr 11 2017

"Came in absolutely terrified of the dentist because of very bad experiences in the past. I had avoided the dentist for at least 5 years before this. I left with a smile on my face after the very first visit. Dr. Vetsman was kind and patient and I felt at ease right away. Its taken many visits to get everything done that I need but I no longer have that fear or dread of the dentist. I'm very thankful to have found them."

5.0 Review from JC Source: Office Visit Feb 18 2017

"Dr V. is the best! She is both incredibly precise and uniquely warm, kind and nurturing. I have never looked forward to going to the dentist so much. Had Invisalign, a filling and bonding as well as check ups with her and always the same wonderful experience. Not to mention my smile went from looking very English to a million dollars! Fantastic investment."

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: Google Feb 08 2017

"Dr V. is the best! She is both incredibly precise and uniquely warm, kind and nurturing. I have never looked forward to going to the dentist so much. Had Invisalign, a filling and bonding as well as check ups with her and always the same wonderful experience. Not to mention my smile went from looking very English to a million dollars! Fantastic investment."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: RateMDs Jan 29 2017

"Great all around experience. Highly recommend. I had both a cleaning and several crowns done because I had really big silver fillings that were breaking down. Super gentle and pleasant."

5.0 Review from S.F. Source: Google Jan 29 2017

"There is no doubt that one would be enthusiastically satisfied with the results that can be achieved from the expertise of Dr. Veytsman ! The office staff is professional, friendly and courteous. I was elated at the end result of my invisalign treatment and the fantastic contouring just lends magic to the wonderful results achieved. Dr. Veystman is the Michealango of dentistry, I swear she could make the Pieta out of bonding and veneers!! Thanks!!"

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: Google Jan 21 2017

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5.0 Review from S.P. Source: Google Nov 04 2016

"I absolutely LOVE Dr. Veytsman and her team. From the very first visit they have always made me feel comfortable and I always leave completely satisfied. Dr. Veytsman has deep cleaned my teeth, filled in cavities, shaved down my sharp teeth and even whitened them all pain free!! I have referred over 5 people to her and will continue to do so. Believe the reviews!"
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