Leading the Field in Cosmetic Dentistry


Leading In The Field of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Victoria Veytsman has been leading the field of cosmetic dentistry for 2 decades and has seen to the smiles of thousands of patients.

After graduating from both the NYU College of Dentistry and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. V spent years developing her unique philosophy on dentistry. Her view is holistic, cutting edge, and continually evolving with the newest advances, allowing her practice to stand out from traditional dentistry.

What keeps her patients coming back again and again?

Keep reading to find out.

Dr. V’s 5 Pillars of Perfection

1. The POWER of the Oral Microbiome

Like Dr. V always says, the mouth is the gateway to overall health. The oral microbiome is where a healthy lifestyle begins.

Many conditions are linked to the mouth including certain autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Keeping a healthy mouth and smile will keep YOU healthy.

2. BEAUTY Is In The Smile

Since she was young, Dr. V has been fascinated by the face and its visual nuances so it’s no surprise that she has done extensive training in dentofacial aesthetics.

Dr. V creates beautiful smiles based on your unique facial features giving you a smile that brings symmetry and harmony to your face. The smile makes up one-third of the face and is highly influential in our overall health and beauty.

3. ANTI-AGING Dentistry

Did you know that the mouth is one of the first places aging shows up? As you age, you lose volume in your teeth and collagen decreases in the mouth and jaw, causing early signs of aging.

When you receive a custom smile makeover from Dr. V, she rebuilds your smile with your unique features in mind, taking up to 15 years off of your appearance.

4. The MENTAL to DENTAL Connection

Dr. V deeply understands the impact a smile can have on a person. Many patients come to her having spent years hiding their teeth, preventing them from smiling.

There is a HUGE emotional component to the work Dr. V does, and this emotional piece often gets overlooked. Dr. V’s smile makeovers allow her patients to take back their confidence and step into living their lives to the fullest.

5. EMPOWERING WOMEN Through Smiles

Women who have less-than-perfect teeth, unfortunately, can be perceived by society as incapable or uneducated, lowering their quality of life.

Dr. V is passionate about giving women their power back to advance their careers and personal lives while feeling more confident after things like illnesses, eating disorders, trauma, abuse, and effects from medications.

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Dr. V makes every patient feel safe, empowered, and beautiful which is why she is classified as one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the country. Fun fact! Her first-ever patient still comes back to get treated in her clinic, even decades later.

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