Can Minimal Prep Veneers Fix Misshapen Teeth?

By: Dr. Victoria Veytsman


 Misshapen teeth can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort. Fortunately, there's a solution available from Dr. Victoria Veytsman at Cosmetic Dental Studios, with locations in New York, NY and Beverly Hills, CA. She specializes in providing minimal prep veneers — a revolutionary approach to enhancing one's smile. Minimal prep veneers are wafer-thin shells made from high-quality material. They adhere to the front surface of your teeth to improve shape, size, and color, thus correcting the appearance of misshapen teeth. 

How can minimal prep veneers correct misshapen teeth? 

The real magic lies in their ability to transform your smile. Here's how minimal prep veneers work:  

  • Customization: Dr. Veytsman creates each set of minimal prep veneers to fit the unique contours of your teeth, ensuring a natural and comfortable fit. 
  • Durability: Despite their thinness, minimal prep veneers are surprisingly durable. They can last many years with proper care. 
  • Versatility: They can correct a wide range of dental issues, including misshapen teeth, and help achieve the perfect smile you've always wanted. 
  • Preserve the integrity of your natural teeth: Requiring less prep work, minimal prep veneers can help preserve the integrity of your natural teeth. 

How do I know if minimal prep veneers are right for me? 

To determine if minimal prep veneers are right for you, start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Veytsman. She will conduct a thorough examination and discuss your aesthetic goals. Minimal prep veneers can be an ideal solution for individuals who want to correct misshapen teeth and transform their smile but are hesitant about the invasive nature of traditional veneers. This less invasive option is also ideal for those who want a faster treatment process as they require less preparation of the tooth surface. 

Why choose veneers in New York or Beverly Hills? 

One might wonder, "Why choose veneers in New York, NY or Beverly Hills, CA?" Both these locations of Cosmetic Dental Studios, led by Dr. Veytsman, are committed to patient satisfaction. Patients appreciate the luxurious, comfortable, and personalized care provided by the team. Whether you're a local or traveling for your dental needs, you'll find the highest standard of cosmetic dentistry services at both locations. 

Ready to transform your smile? 

Are you ready to correct your misshapen teeth and enhance your smile with minimal prep veneers? Dr. Victoria Veytsman and her team at Cosmetic Dental Studios in New York, NY, and Beverly Hills, CA are waiting to assist you. Embark on your journey toward a more confident and beautiful smile today. Book your appointment at one of our locations now.

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