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Reviews for New York, NY Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman

Dr. Victoria Veytsman always appreciates feedback from her valued patients, since this helps Cosmetic Dental Studios learn and grow with our patients' needs. In addition to helping us become a better dental practice, patient reviews can help new patients learn more about our people, our procedures, and our style. It can be scary enough for some people to go to any dentist, so we want our new patients to feel comfortable trusting Dr. Veytsman and her experienced staff with their smile. We're compiled reviews for Cosmetic Dental Studios from all across the web for our patients, new and old, who want real stories from real patients.

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Review from C.  |  Source: Wellness  |  Dec 25, 2012

Did your gums bleed excessively after your appointment? Not at all! They were very gentle and careful Was this provider's office easy to locate? Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier! Was the water they used during your teeth cleaning a comfortable temperature? Absolutely! It was the perfect temperature Are you confident that this provider will continue working with you until a solution is reached? Absolutely! I'm confident they will work hard to find the best solution for me Do you feel that you could have received better service somewhere else? Definitely not; I received the best service ever! More

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